Bethel Prayer Cell {BPC} is a unit set up by Bethel Wisdom Church, Kolkata, for the purpose of developing and equipping “ Prayer Warriors”. “ Prayer Warriors” are the Kingdom Builders. They have the fear of the LORD and love God with a loyal heart and willing mind. BPC aims to excel in developing and equipping loyal and worthy Spirit filled Leaders, Workers and Believers for fulfillment of Christ’s great Command & Commission ( Matt. 27;18-19, & Acts 1:8). “ Prayer Warriors “ learn and practice sound doctrines from the Word of God which will help them to discover the will and call of God by the power of the Holy Spirit. This will also help them to discover and develop their basic knowledge and understanding, gifts, talents, including their ministerial and leadership skills and abilities of God. It is a wonderful resource and helping hand for the extension of the Kingdom of God and in the Ministry of Christ. ministry. And also our other units are Bethel Wisdom Charity Foundation, a unit helping poor and needy for educating them for a better future in order that they come out of the circle of poverty for generations and to make good citizens of the country.